Wag The Dog Pet Care


Sara boards dogs overnight at her home in Davidsonville, MD.  There is a $15.00 fee for pick up and drop off service per stop, each Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, excluding holidays. (Effective  December 15th, 2016) Clients are also welcome to drop off and pick up on their own.  
The dogs are kept in a boarding room, attached to the main house.  There is carpeting, heat/AC, and music playing 24/7.  The dogs are kenneled at night, at resting times, and at feeding times.  We have a large dog run outdoors, where the dogs can romp off leash and play with the other boarders.  They get lots of exercise and we usually find them completely passed out during the "rest" hours.  
The dogs run at 7 AM, then come in to eat breakfast.  At around noon, they run again for about an hour, then rest until 5 PM.  They run again for about an hour, then will come in, rest for a bit, then eat at 6:30PM.  Before bed, everyone will be let out to relieve themselves before bed time.   
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